Thursday, 27 June 2013

Our first encounter

Simply Organic

It was early April 2013 we changed our living style to Organic foods and drinks from here on in, so we thought.  ha ha what a joke.

Prior to this date I had done some reading  and researching the internet looking at everything and anything to do with farm shops and organics  thinking we will go shopping and buy  our all our usual shopping but this time it will be all organic. ha ha.


Well,  a so called organic farm shop, and an organic butchers these were the first two visited. These two were a real eye opener, when we arrived at the butchers advertising for the past 20 yrs as an organic butchers.

When we arrived  we were the only two in the shop, I explained we were brand new to the organic life style  and had  found his shop  on the internet as being organic  and asked him can I assume all your product here in the shop are organic, his reply,  well it made me take a giant step backward, no sir it's free range so I asked for his version of organic and free range, well  free range is the next best thing  to being Organic all the  animals are all grass fed  but, I cant guarantee what chemical the grass may or may not have been fed, huh.

A butchers advertising organic produce and can not guarantee his produce as being  raised on an organic farm.

No thank you very much.

On our way home  we decided to visit the Organic farm we had found, that was  even worse, oh my goodness when we walked into the so called grocery section it contained  five wicker basket nothing else lettuces in three of the five baskets,  to empty to so badly  shriveled up  looked like they had been there for weeks  one basket had two  lovely looking lettuce in,  we were determined   the day was not going to a complete loss and we were not going home empty handed we bought one lettuce yippee.

We were so glad we did, it was absolutely  superb in taste  far far better that any other lettuce we had ever tasted.

What did we learn. 

Ask the questions first, This was  our first encounter with our new life style, because its says there Organic  don't take them at there face value.

Needless to say its to establishment we wont be visiting again.

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