Friday, 28 June 2013

Our search goes on.

Simply Organic

Well here we are now nearing the end of June how is our organic  journey going.

Its slow, but its good. When we first started out we sort of thought  as it's the healthy option of living  and as its popularity  is gaining ground it's  becoming  away of life for many,  we thought  it would be easy to find any Organic produce, but not so.

I know a lot of produce is easily available on the internet which we could easily purchase but don't want to be tied into the house  waiting for parcels to arrive all the time, besides we like to see and choose what we are about to buy.

We are now  beginning to find some produce locally for our every day lives, but  we still have a long way to go,  because we are now finding things reasonably locally  it has helped us decide to go totally Organic.

When we started this we had full stock cupboards these have to be  run down  first, you just can't throw it all out and start again from fresh to costly and very wasteful. We are sort of in limbo between two worlds at this moment it time.

While  doing even more research popping here and there and looking  we began  to relies just how big the lifestyle changes  were going to be, this  brought us to  our next decision,   (We have to do it in  stages).

These stages,  I will post as separate threads here as we struggle along day to day.

Hope you enjoy them.

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