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The chef herself  Plony
Ingredients Serves 4

. 300 grams split peas
. 2 thin leeks
. 500 grams celeric root
. 1 leg of ham/hock (on the bone)
. 250 grams smoked sausage (1)
. Herb sprigs Parsley,celery
. Salt & peppers to taste


First soak the split peas in salted water for a few hrs or over night.
Prepare leg of ham/hock add salt to taste, if required
Slice the leeks 1 cm very fine
Peel and dice the celeric root 2cm ,chop some celery leafs and add later to soup.

Cooking Instructions

After soaking split peas wash them under running water and allow them to drain then Cook for 20 Min's when cooked drain ,DO NOT USE . throw away split pea water, wash peas under running water whilst draining and allow to drain all water.

Boil ham/hock in separate pan for about 20 Min's. Remove ONLY the ham/hock remove all boiled skin and fat and and discard remove all meat from bone and chop 2cm.Do Not Throw Away the cooking water from the ham/hock.

Now sieve the water re-use it this removes all bits and  pieces from the stock, Now pour it in with split peas, and add the chopped 2cm ham and stir well, bring back to a gentle boil add the celeric 2cm , chopped celery leafs, add celery if you wish (optional), and the finely chopped leeks 1cm, let it all cook for a further 20 Min's. At this stage (if required)lightly mash soup to obtain coarseness of soup you require.

Smoked Sausage. Rook-worst

Bring water to simmer in small saucepan and heat smoked sausage for about 20 minutes remove from water and slice, time this to end when the soup is ready to serve. now add the smoked sausage as seen

serve piping hot with.....
Optional choice's

1. traditionally with pea and ham soup Rye bread and Cooked Cold Bacon

2. English crusty bread with or without butter,

Adjust any ingredients as you feel fit to if you cant get the exact ingredients adjust to your own taste buds for your own pallet.

I know when i get home i will enjoy , hope every body else does as well.hc

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