Wednesday, 3 July 2013

lifestyle changes

our  first encounter         our search goes on 

Its now getting easier to find organic foods the more we researched the more we found,  after a difficult start at our own supermarket searching it's  vegetable counters, well It did have Organic produce  but you had to look very hard to find them and there was very little of it  not enough to make it worth our while to go organic completely,  Other produce in store  yes  also  very hard to find it meant spending far to long shopping.

It was difficult  looking here there and everywhere all over Dorset, trying as many of the  farm shops advertising Organic produce, well some of there product were, Some we walked into  and, some we walked straight out of.

The farm shops that we have now found are good,very good indeed.  We have one farm shop  close by another within a 40 minutes drive.

We have found  found  two super markets  one with a large Organic product range within  6 minute drive  from us  which we intend to do our first shopping trip there tomorrow the other is going to be within a 3 minute drive  but is still under construction its due  to be finished in October  this one according to its webpages has a huge Organic range, I think we have all our food ranges covered.  What we can not get  from one we will from others. 

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