Tuesday, 2 July 2013

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Gluten and Lactose Free recipes

Green fish curry,     Prawn and asparagus risotto,     Breakfast,     Chicken  breast cooked in honey,

Chicken  with mixed vegetables and rice,


Hi, my name is Louise. I'm Martin's daughter, my dad is the author of this  blogs, however all the recipes are my own work.

In the last week I've been following a gluten and lactose free diet. I've had ongoing health problems for well over a year now. The main symptom being swollen ankles and fingers, along with a bloated stomach. The fluid retention has been horrible. After countless medical tests and still no solutions I started to keep an eye on what I've been eating and how it relates to my symptoms. Bread was the main cause of the fluid retention. I cut it out for a few weeks and all the fluid retention drastically reduced but never completely went away.

After I'd cut out bread for 4 weeks I then started to notice that dairy products were making me feel ill. Stomach ache after ice cream or cream, feeling sick, sometimes actually being sick, and still some fluid retention.

So, after lots of research on the internet I've decided to try a gluten and lactose free diet. It's still a little trial and error but I'm certain I'm going in the right direction. At first I thought maybe I would have to stick to a bland and boring diet. But really, so far that is not true. I'm pleasantly surprised.

If I have spent so long online looking for recipes then I know others have as well and I want to share some of my recipes with you. I hope they help and I hope you enjoy them.


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